Staffing For The New Economy

Staffing your office in this new economy has never been more challenging. Posting on job boards will get you hundreds of non qualified candidates that will waste valuable time for your already limited office staff. You may have already faced some of the challenges listed below.

Do you have current employees that you should replace but do not have the time and/or ability to do it in secrecy?
Are you wasting time talking to applicants who can’t follow directions, show up dressed inappropriately, or just don’t qualify?
Do you have a current database filled with 14,000 candidates that were previously interviewed to assist your screening process?
Are new employees drug screened, background checked, and is past employment being verified?
Do you have a plan for the H1N1 (swine flu) outbreak when it attacks your office?
Are immigration laws being followed so Sheriff Joe does not pay a visit to your facility?

Many staffing companies claim that they perform duties you take for granted. What would you do if you had a legal issue and your staffing company was not doing the proper due diligence? Most companies believe in error, that this will be a problem for the staffing vendor. THAT IS INCORRECT. The company will be the ultimate backstop for any litigation. Deeper pockets (your company?) require protection from the staffing company doing the job you pay them to do. Please make sure you ask your staffing vendor for a ‘shadow file’. This is file that shows you the completed work on the candidate, including pre-employment drug screen. This way you will be sure your investment is being put to good use.